3 Types of Science Fiction

Science fiction has different types and there is focus made on different sub-genres of this stream. Get to know more about science fiction here. There are different ways to consider in the world of science fiction, including:

Space Types

3 Types of Science FictionSpace sci-fi is the most popular category of science fiction. It includes many theories related to space, planets and the universe and everything is illustrated in the form of a story. There are theories related to aliens, space elements and universe laws. There are many subcategories of this type and it includes universe relate concepts. The crew requires to deal with space elements and majorly, the plot of the story.

War Sci-fi Types

The war science fiction has different levels of fictions defined on the past events and the use of technology with the new war weapons. It is the modern way of presenting wars. The new theories are embedded in the war methods to give a new appearance to the way of presentation of war.

Fantasy Types

Fantasy science fiction can include any elements of war and fiction. More details about fantasy science fiction can be viewed at http://guides.slv.vic.gov.au/childrensliterature/fantasy. There are the details separating the categories and it involves the things which are away from the science related concepts. Fantasy novels are actually loved by the people who like to think out of the box and create an explanation for the story in a natural way. It uses various technologies, theories and elements you require to include in different streams.

Writers find it difficult to move out of their desired categories as there is wider scope in every categorical aspect. There are many writers focusing on the recent news and stories to start their own write-ups. There are many steps involved in writing for scientific fantasies such as Star Trek and it can ultimately prove out to be successful for the people who actually love this stream of reading or viewing.